Frequently Asked Questions

What is WBIA?

The World Blockchain Investment Association is the blockchain industry’s professional body.

What does WBIA do?

The association and its members are working to bring blockchain technology mainstream.

What is DealFlow?

DealFlow is WBIA’s official app, giving members a range of research and investment services.

What services does DealFlow give members?

Members enjoy wealthtech services, advisory, learn & earn, market intelligence, private placements and round-the-clock brokerage.

Who can join WBIA?

Members include technologists, founders, opinion leaders, enterprise representatives, government officials, sovereign wealth funds, venture capitalists, family offices and financial institutions.

How can I become a WBIA member?

Membership is currently closed and available by personal invite only.

How can I help?

Donate crypto here to help us take blockchain to the masses.